Big Fish Development specializes in participative strategic planning. We have assisted loads of organizations to define their missions, goals and outcomes in a fun atmosphere. A Big Fish planning session is at the same time a team building exercise.

Business Planning

Every business needs a business plan. A business plan is a roadmap for your business. It provides a guideline for the successful operation of a business. It gives direction and goals to follow until outcomes are achieved and even beyond. It provides a way to make mistakes on paper before making it in real life and losing money.

Project Planning

Many community projects fail because they didn’t plan their project the right way. Funders would like to see outcomes of programs and specifically outcomes which can be measured. It should be possible to monitor and evaluate a project. This is where Big Fish comes in to facilitate strategic planning in a participative way. All role players are consulted and participate in a planning session. Goals are set up with outcomes and activities clearly spelled out and linked to a project’s budget.


Big Fish mentors project management, directors and team members. Willie has twenty years of community development planning experience and are available to share his knowledge to projects and individuals. We equip leaders to provide direction to their teams and to lead by example.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Goals and outcomes must be monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis. Outcomes should be measured against project budgets and this is where Big Fish assist you as an objective outside consultant to give you an objective evaluation report. An honest project report is beneficial for future planning and also help you when applying for funding.

Projects Assisted

Joshua Project Jeffreys Bay (A project helping vulnerable children in Jeffreys Bay)

On Eagles Wings Jeffreys Bay (Counseling raped and abused woman and children)

Ekwip Employee (Working mainly on farms in the Kouga area doing community development)

Jbay Business Ministries (Entrepreneurship Training and development)

Jeffreys Bay Bible Church (Planning of year programs)


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